Professional Manufacturer of Hydraulic Components and Systems

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Hydro-Funk GmbH - Professional Manufacturer of Hydraulic systems and units.


The main activity of our company is the production of hydraulic installations, hydraulic units and cylinders.

The company Hydro-Funk GmbH has production both in Germany and abroad, this allows us to be flexible and be on a high technological level. Our specialists can work with technical tasks of clients and with ready solutions, while offering the most profitable execution, and using only high-quality components.

Our clients are the enterprises of mining and metallurgical complex, woodworking enterprises, machine-tool plants. industrial hydraulics, we offer services for the repair of hydraulic pumps and motors.

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We Offer individual solutions

Chemical industry

To ensure optimum availability, safety and reliability of chemical plants, components used in the chemical industry have to meet extremely high standards.

Hydro-Funk GmbH provides suitable products with high corrosion resistance and explosion protection.

We also help you plan your production plants and work with you to create the right solution at an early stage.

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Automotive industry

No other industry is making the transformation to Industry 4.0 quite like the automotive industry.

Complex value chains, Just-In-Time production and networked manufacturing demand intelligent components, the right handling technologies and flexible, integrated solutions using pneumatics, electrical systems or a mix of both technologies.

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Textile industry

By providing varied ranges of gear systems and motors of impeccable quality, Hydro-Funk GmbH has gained the trust of several reputed manufacturers from the textile industry.

Our products guarantee consistent, precise, durable and fluctuation free performance in every textile related application.

High performing gear systems and motors are largely purchased for use with dryer impellor drive, drum filter drive, sludge tank agitator drive, carding machine and so on.

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Steel Industry

Our customers rely on our experience and knowledge in the development of hydraulic equipment for the steel industry, The extremely harsh environment of the steel industry (high temperatures, dust and pollution) demands highly resistant finishing and quality sealing material, for proper operation of metallurgical processes.

Add to this the fact that machines are required to run 24 hours and 7 days per week, and the need for machinery of the highest quality is clear.

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